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Port-style wine 2016

Ingredients:  70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Shiraz. The wine was fortified with brandy during fermentation to preserve the natural sweetness of the grapes.

Vineyard: Hand-picked in late harvest from Halutza Vineyard in Ramat Negev with loess soil, 300 meters in altitude.

Winemaking process: After the late harvesting, resulting in increased sugar in the grapes, the crushing and the fermentation is then commenced at the winery. In the last third of the fermentation process, alcohol is added to stop the fermentation and preserve a portion of the sugar in the grapes. Then the wine is moved to Oak barrels in non-refrigerated conditions. At this point there is high acidity in the wine and that is how the unique textures are created. It is bottle aged for 12 months and only then is ready for drinking.

Characteristics: Red, fortified sweet wine. 18% alcohol. Rich, thick and full-bodied with a distinctive concentration of flavors, a strong presence and long finish. The wine has characteristics of ripe, black fruit, tobacco, chocolate and spices. Aged 30 months in French and American Oak.

Serving recommendation: Because of its sweetness, it is a great way to finish your meal, along with desserts such as dark chocolate. It also pairs well with strong cheeses like Camembert.